Bering Crossing


The channel which is located between Siberia on the east side of the Eurasia continent and Alaska on the west side of the North America continent. It connects the Arctic ocean and the Bering sea which is a dependent sea of the Pacific ocean on the north. The Bering was named after the Russian explorer Vitus Bering who found the Channel. It divides the Eurasia continent and the North American continent in where two continents are lay in the closest distance. The border line between the America and Russia cross the sea.

Temperature : In summer +4~+14°C, In winter -18~-50°C

Distance : The shortest way 85km 2,175,600㎢ (10 times longer than the Korean Peninsula)  Expected distance for the exploration 250km ~ 300km

Location : The passage linking the Arctic ocean and the Pacific ocean, and the central reason of the North Pacific rim North Latitude from 60 degrees to 83 degrees (The Arctic Circle, above lat. 60N)

Climate and regional characteristics: Because it is in the Arctic Circle, nights continue 3 or 4 months a year.
Also winter time temperature is about minus 20 to 50 Celsius. It is a path way of floating ice in the Arctic, so a large amount of floating ice comes out to the Pacific ocean. The ocean current is very fast and it is possible to observe ice formation from September, October in every year to June
in the next year. The depth of water is shallow. The deepest area is neighboring Wales, Alaska and the area is 51 to 54 m in depth.

The history of explore for the Bering sea: Man’s first cross for the Bering sea is estimated by 25000 years ago when the sea was frozen
and the Inuit tried to find their new base across the Bering channel. In modern times, there is no success except Dmitry Shparo








  1. Advocating the importance of global environment and the World peace
  2. Realizing communication and harmony through the exploration which links two continents
  3. Letting know the world that the Bering sea has possibility and value as a proposed site for submarine tunnel
  4. Proposing a new direction to the world exploration as Korean explorers
  5. Raising Korea’s global image as showing Korean explorers’ passion, courage and concern for global environment, national wide efforts to contribute to the world society and a high level of scientific researches about climate changes.

Expedition Members:

Captain: Tae-Keun Yoon (born. August 26, 1958)

Affiliation: Korean Alpine Federation Ringdove Alpine Club

President of the BnB jewelry corp.

1983. Climbing the Towang Ice falls.

2006. Walking along the ridges of the Baekdudaegan


Leader of the Expedition: Sung-Taek Hong (born. March 15, 1966)

Reaching three Poles on the Earth (15th) 2011. the world’s first succeed in crossing the north pole area, Greenland 2008. Mountaineering the south-west wall of Mt. Everest(8848m), Himalayas 2007. Mountaineering the south wall of Mt. Lhotse (8516m), Himalayas 2005. Reaching the North pole by skiing/walking 2002. Reaching the summit of Mt. Pumo Ri (7117m), Himalayas 1999. Mountaineering the south wall of Mt. Lhotse (8516m) 1998. Reaching the Thapa Peak(6800m), Himalayas 1996. Mountaineering Mt. Dhaulagiri(8167m), Mt. Annapurna, Himalayas 1995. Reaching the summit of Mt. Everest(8848m), Himalayas 1995. Reaching the summit of Mt. Shishapangma(8026m), Himalayas 1994. Exploration South Pole. Succeed in reaching the Pole 1994. Mountaineering the eastern wall of Mt. Pumo Ri(7117m), Himalayas 1993. Mountaineering Mt. Everest, Himalayas (8848m) 1992. Reaching the summit of Mt. Kantenggeuri(7010m), Mountains of angel pobeda, The former Soviet Union 1994 awarded by Korean Government

Member: Jung ChanIL (born. January 10th, 1980)

Affiliation:Youngin University Alpine Club, OB South Gyungnam Alpine Federation Jinhae Alpine Club
2007. Mountaineering the south-west wall of Mt. Everest(8848m), Himalayas

2005. Reaching the North pole by skiing/walking 2004. Walking Bakdu-daegan

2003. Mountaineering Mt. Lhotse (8516m), Himalayas

2003. Reaching the summit of unexplored Mt. Hóngqí (7036m), Himalayas Employed in Haglofs Korea corp.

Member: Choi JaeYeong (born. January 6th, 1984)

Affiliation: Youngin University Alpine Club, OB

2003~ Summer and winter climbing training in Korea

2006. Walking along the ridges of the Baekdudaegan



Member: Jung YiChan (born. November 21st, 1985)

Affiliation : Youngin University Alpine Club, YB

2008~ Summer and winter climbing training in Korea

Undergraduate president of Korean Student Alpine Federation Captain of Youngin University Alpine Club


Press / Administration:

Press: Park DongWoo (born. January 2nd, 1970






Administration : Kim YoungSun (born. February 22nd, 1965)

Affiliation : Kwandong University Alpine Club, OB

2008~ Member of the Crossing the Bering Strait




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